Are you a Corporate organisation?

We can buy your unused toners

As private companies look for optimal ways to manage expenses and boost savings without jeopardising productivity, one of the key areas that is often evaluated is the office printing environment.

Many private companies have reviewed their office printing infrastructure, such as hardware purchase and maintenance and the stocking and replenishing of printing supplies and consumables, due to the high costs associated with printing. As a result, companies are often faced with surplus unused toners either due to overstocking or stocking redundant toners no longer relevant to their printing set-up.

If this relates to your company, the team at The Jolly Savage can offer competitive prices for your unused toner products, including open-box cartridges and boxes with minor cosmetic damage, which will help you towards managing your stockrooms and warehousing space and avoiding unnecessary costs associated with the storage of bulky, unwanted printer toners.

Furthermore, as an environmentally responsible company, we are fully compliant with the Environment Agency and support our customers’ efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and create a greener office by collecting all unused toners that we are unable to remarket and brokering it to a waste specialist for recycling or re-use.

So, whether it is a small quantity or bulk stock, we can provide you with the right service and support to quickly and efficiently help you shift unused toner products from across your company – Please contact us today for a no obligation quote.

We offer many benefits that work in line with your services:

  • We offer a secure and professional buy-back service
  • We help you secure the highest return for your unused surplus toners
  • We help you meet your environmental responsibilities
  • We are fully compliant with the Environment Agency – Any products that are not remarketed will be collected, processed and treated as WEEE waste
  • We operate a zero-landfill policy