Environment & Waste

Environmentally Responsible, Fully Compliant

At The Jolly Savage, our customers rely on us to provide them with a highly professional, transparent service that is fully compliant with all UK and EU legislations when it comes to the collection and treatment of their WEEE waste.

As many of our customers have already experienced, toner cartridges have now been classified as WEEE waste, which is why it is now even more important to ensure that the company handling your surplus toners is highly credible, fully qualified to manage your products and provides you with all the necessary documentation to validate the waste transfer.

As a registered Waste Carrier, Broker and Dealer, licensed by the Environment Agency, The Jolly Savage is authorised to collect your WEEE waste and we broker it with sustainability in mind – any waste cartridges will be recycled or reused, nothing gets disposed of into incineration or landfill.

If you are interested in further supporting your corporate social responsibility efforts in addition to reducing your carbon footprint and your waste disposal costs, all while generating revenue for your unused toners, our experienced team at The Jolly Savage is on hand to help.