Office Clearance

Are you an Office Clearance company?

We can buy your unused toners

When it comes to office clearance, we appreciate how important it is within your industry to deliver a stress and hassle-free experience to your customers who are looking for a quick, reliable, flexible and, most importantly, eco-friendly way to dispose of their office waste.

At The Jolly Savage, we can offer competitive prices for your unused toner products, including open-box cartridges and boxes with minor cosmetic damage, so we are well positioned to help you to secure the highest return for your unused surplus toners by providing a detailed itemised quote.

As an environmentally conscious company, The Jolly Savage works closely with a range of businesses, including office clearance companies, to purchase and remarket their unused toners. We work in compliance with the Environment Agency and guarantee that any products we cannot remarket are collected, brokered to a waste specialist and processed and treated as WEEE waste.

So, whether it is a small quantity or bulk stock, we can quickly and efficiently help you shift your unused toner products – Please contact us today for a no obligation quote.

We offer many benefits that work in line with your services:

  • We offer a secure and professional buy-back service
  • We help you secure the highest return for your unused surplus toners
  • We help you meet your environmental responsibilities
  • We are fully compliant with the Environment Agency – Any products that are not remarketed will be collected, processed and treated as WEEE waste
  • We operate a zero-landfill policy