Stationery Distributors

Are you a Stationery Distributor?

We can buy your unused toners

As a stationery distributor, we understand that one of your key priorities is to ensure that your retail customers have access to the wide range of products you offer. This, of course, requires that you supply and replenish stock on an ongoing basis. The challenge faced in shifting slow moving, surplus or unsold stock is an ongoing issue faced by all distributors, especially given the capacity and cost involved in storing bulky products such as printer toners.

At The Jolly Savage, we can offer competitive prices for your unused toner products, including customer returns, open-box cartridges and boxes with minor cosmetic damage, which will help you towards managing your warehousing space and avoiding unnecessary costs.

So, whether it is a small quantity or bulk stock, we can quickly and efficiently help you shift your toner products from your warehouses – Please contact us today for a no obligation quote.

We offer many benefits that work in line with your services:

  • We offer a secure and professional buy-back service
  • We help you secure the highest return for your unused surplus toners
  • We help you meet your environmental responsibilities
  • We are fully compliant with the Environment Agency – Any products that are not remarketed will be collected, processed and treated as WEEE waste
  • We operate a zero-landfill policy

    Did you know we also sell toners?

    If you are also looking to buy quality toners at affordable prices, our experienced team at The Jolly Savage can definitely help. We stock a wide range of toners across our warehouses and offer great prices on all our stock, very often beating the wholesale price.

    Key benefits offered:

    • One of UK’s largest genuine surplus toner suppliers
    • Over 7,000 toners in stock
    • Full stocklist updated and emailed on a daily basis
    • Free postage on all orders over £50